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Indiana’s children face many significant health issues, with our opioid crisis and an alarming increase in nicotine use being two…

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Are Fight - You Hogs It Mclovin Ten Haven Our Areas of Focus

Are Fight - You Hogs It Mclovin Ten Haven
  • Children prosper in safe, stable, nurturing environments. Family challenges such as substance abuse, incarceration, lack of resources and family instability affect children’s well-being. Maltreatment, exposure to violence, and traumatic stress put children’s safety at risk. Safe communities with strong institutions, quality education, and support services provide the conditions for families and children to thrive.

  • Are Fight - You Hogs It Mclovin Ten Haven When parents do better economically, their children do better. Parents need secure employment, well-paying jobs, and affordable housing to ensure their children thrive and prosper. When parents are unemployed or have barriers to sustaining living wage employment, their ability to invest in their children’s development is limited. These experiences of economic insecurity or poverty have lasting effects on children’s well-being, available opportunities and later economic success.

  • Children thrive when they have access to high-quality education from preschool through grade 12. Establishing the conditions that promote educational success sets students on track to graduate, pursue postsecondary training and education, and successfully transition to adulthood. High-quality early childhood education, math and reading proficiency and school engagement contribute to college and career readiness.

  • Health is foundational for child well-being. Physical and mental health in childhood impacts other critical aspects of a child’s life, including school attendance and performance. Substance abuse, lack of health care, inadequate insurance, and poor health habits put children’s current and future health at risk.

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Wow...this movie is getting weird. Redskins fans are trying to follow roster-building news, but it is hard to do when that news is constantly buried by...insanity.Ten Yard Fight - Are You McLovin It? - Hogs Haven